Yelling mom and baby’s blood pressure

An interesting research on the consequences of a yelling or verbally agressive mom: the child develops high blood pressure and long term stress. Click here for the English research and here for a Dutch interview with the researcher. At the end of the interview the researcher raises most relevant questions with regard to the mother’s environment: what can they do, how can they help the mother and give her some relief? Questions that Eva Feder Kittay has considered as well. She proposes doulia: a caregiver not for the baby, but for moms and other dependency workers. For why does a mother yell in the first place? And would confronting mothers with the consequences of their behavior (harm for the baby’s health) not increase the pressure upon her? In order not to end up blaming the mother alone, research into maternity seems important in order to better understand the causes, circumstances and roots of the yelling, and try to find ways to help prevent it.

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