Presentations and media

Inaugural speech ‘The self as mother’ (in Dutch)

I held my inaugural lecture (in Dutch) on Friday 18 March 2022 with which I officially accept my chair as professor by special appointment ‘Dialogical Self Theory’. In the lecture I elaborate upon my research plans for this chair, that I focus upon ‘the self as mother’. (see publications)

Book launch ‘Handbook Care Ethics’ (‘Basisboek Zorgethiek’)

Last August I launched the completely revised version of Inge van Nistelrooij (2022), Basisboek Zorgethiek. Over mensbeeld, moraal en ethische reflectie in de zorg (‘Handbook of Care Ethics. On anthropology, morality and ethical reflection in care’); Heeswijk: Berne / Utrecht: Universiteit voor Humanistiek / Woerden: Reliëf. You can find it here.

Newspaper ‘Trouw’ interviewed me on this book. You can find the interview here (in Dutch). The photograph was made by (c) Werry Crone.

Podcasts & radio

Interview on NPO Radio 1 morning show ‘Spraakmakers’, 19 July 2022

Guest in radio show ‘Spraakmakers’ (NPO Radio 1), interviewed on my research into maternity, fueled by the debates on abortion.

Episode ‘Opoffering‘ (‘Sacrifice’) in the podcast series of Women Inc, by Xanne Visser and Sander Heithuis.

Episode ‘Care Ethics’ with Merel Visse in podcast series ‘High Theory’ by Kim Adams and Saronik Bosu.

Lectures and paper presentations

  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2023). Verwevenheid: een relationele benadering van reproductieve rechten. (Interwovenness: a relational approach of reproductive rights). Key note lecture at conference ‘Baas in eigen buik’ (‘Master in one’s own tummy’, Dutch motto of women’s reproductive rights movement) for Protestant Theological University and Rijksuniversity Groningen (March).
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2022). Ouders in dialoog, dialoog in ouders. De innerlijke wereld van ouders met een kind met een beperking (Parents in dialogue, dialogue in parents. The inner world of parents of a child with an impairment). Key note lecture Conference ‘Chronic Sorrow, Remaining Grief’, Eindhoven. November.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2022). Humanizing Birth from a Care Ethics Prespective. Key note lecture Summer School ‘Humanizing Birth. Launching Critical Midwifery Studies’, University of Humanistic Studies / Utrecht University & Critical Midwifery Collective, 11-15 July 2022 (online).
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2022). Nodig maar ongewenst. Ambivalenties van troost en moederschap [Necessary yet unwanted. Ambivalences of comfort and motherhood]. Key note lecture on the conference ‘Troost, Lijden en Geluk’ [‘Comfort, Suffering and Happiness’], by Philosophy Magazine. June.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2021). Liminal spaces of the maternal self. Dialogical Self Theory as challenging theoretical framework for understanding mothers. Lecture for the LOVA International Winter School Motherhood: the unfinished business of feminism? (Netherlands Association for Gender Studies and Feminist Anthropology). December.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2021). A dialogical space for the maternal self. Dialogical Self Theory as a challenging theoretical framework for understanding mothers. Faculty lecture for the faculty of Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies. December.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2021). Lieve deugd! Omgaan met geboortelijkheid (‘By Jove! Handling natality’). Lecture at the Symposium ‘By Jove! Ethics in the hospital’, of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital, ‘s-Hertogenbosch. July.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2021). The multiple maternal. An itinerary for maternal ontology and ethics, starting from DST. Lecture for the Center for Contemporary European Philosophy. Radboud University, Nijmegen. June.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2021). Maternal self-understanding: a dialogue between maternal theory and the dialogical self theory. Paper presentation at the 11th International Conference on the Dialogical Self (online) organized by the International Society of Dialogical Science and the Research Group SINTE, Facultat de Psicologia, Ciències de la Educació i Esport. Universitat Ramon LLull and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. June.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2021). ‘Care Ethics and the Politics of Maternity’. Paper presentation at the ‘Feminists Care for the Political: Theory, Practice and Advocacy’ Conference (online) organized by the Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey. June.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2021). Silenced voices of self-sacrifice: the experiences of mothers caring for a child with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities (PIMD). Paper presentation in the panel ‘Resisting negation: Building solidarity with the maternal’ at the Care Ethics Research Consortium (CERC) Conference ‘‘Decentering ethics: Challenging privileges, building solidarities’, Ottawa, May (postponed due to Covid 19).
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. & Bredewold, F. (2020), Mothering a child with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities (PIMD): the need to revalue self-sacrifice. Paper presentation at AtGender Conference ‘Caring in Uncaring Times’, London, May (cancelled due to Covid 19).
  • Van der Waal, R. & Van Nistelrooij, I. (2019), ‘Controversies surrounding Autonomy and Responsibility: a care-Ethical study into the mother-midwife relation: the CARE-study’. Paper presentation of research project at the conference ‘Rethinking Ethics in the 21st Century’, European Association of Centers of Medical Ethics (EACME), Oxford, UK, September.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2019), ‘Midlife Motherhood’. Presentation research plan at Hermeneutic-Phenomenological Methodology Course, UCLAN, Preston (UK), July.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2019). ‘Liberating the Pregnant Body: disempowerment and disembodiment in maternity care’. Paper presentation at Global Carework Summit, Toronto (CA), June.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2019). ‘Maternity and its implications for care ethics’. Public lecture for candidate students of Master’s program Care Ethics and Policy. Utrecht, May.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2019). ‘Maternity in care’; duo lecture together with Femmianne Bredewold PhD for a group of parents of children with impairments who depend upon life long professional care and their professional caregivers, at Prisma. Biezenmortel, May.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2019). ‘A practical introduction in care ethics for nurses in paraplegia rehabilitation care’. Key note address at the nursing conference ‘Art of Living’, organized by national union of nurses in rehabilitation care, ‘De Hoogstraat’. Utrecht, May.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2019). ‘Zelfopoffering in de zorg? Een zorgethische blik op een omstreden concept’ (Self-sacrifice in care? A care ethical view on a contested concept). Lecture for the Humanistic Union, Utrecht Department. Utrecht, May.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2019). ‘Mothers’ derivative dependency as a socio-political moral category’. Key note address at the conference ‘Concerning Maternity Part III; Ethics, Care and Subjectivity’, organized by the research network ‘Concerning Maternity’, Utrecht, May.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2019). ‘Relational autonomy in care practices. A care ethical perspective on the role of partner and family.’ Key note address at the conference ‘Quelle place pour les proches dans le soin? Perspectives interdisciplinaires’, organized by the Swiss Network of Ethics of Care (SNEC), Lausanne, March.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2018). ‘Zingeving en spiritualiteit in maternity care vanuit zorgethisch perspectief’. Plenary opening lecture at the conference ‘Welcome to Motherland’, organized by FARA. Leuven, November.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2018). ‘Wat kan relationele zorgethiek betekenen voor bedrijfsmaatschappelijk werk?’ (How can relational care ethics inform corporate social work?) Workshop at the Congress ‘Het hart van BMW’ (The heart of corporate social work), Christelijke Hogeschool Ede (CHE), Ede, November
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2018). ‘Precarious maternity: a care ethical perspective’. Paper presentation at the Inaugural Conference of the Care Ethics Research Consortium (CERC), Portland OR, USA, September.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2018). ‘Concerning Maternity: charting maternal experiences of birth’. Paper presentation at the EACME Conference. Amsterdam, September.
  • Nistelrooij, I. van & Leget, C. (2018). What is Care Ethics? Concepts and challenges for its implementation. Lecture and workshop at the Graduate school of the University of Zurich Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine, Zurich, Zwitserland, May.
  • Nistelrooij, I. van & Visse, M. (2018). Praktijken geanalyseerd door zorgethici. Spannend bewegen tussen praktijk en theorie . Workshop at the Conference of the Dutch Union of Bioethicists (NVBe), Amsterdam, April.
  • Nistelrooij, I. van (2018). Self-sacrifice in care (Zelfopoffering in de zorg). Key note lecture at in-service training for personnel and family members of residents (people with multiple impairments), Nieuw Woelwijck, Sappemeer, March.
  • Nistelrooij, I. van (2018). Participant in plenary panel on ‘Pregnancy‘ at the philosophical festival Drift ‘Buitenstebinnen’ (‘Outside in’), Universiteit van Amsterdam, February.
  • Nistelrooij, I. van & S. Rodenburg (2018), ‘Samen beslissen, altijd en iedereen? Hoe dragen naasten bij aan een visie op kwaliteit van leven?’ (Deciding together, always and with everybody? How do partners and relatives contribute to a view on quality of life?). Workshop at the congress ‘Samen beslissen met kwetsbare mensen: een uitdaging’ (Shared dicision making with vulnerable people: a challenge), Utrecht, January.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. & M. Breed (2017). ‘Zelf denken, samen doen’. Key note address on care ethics and ethical reflection in care, Symposium in nursing home ‘Ruitersbos’. Breda, November.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2017). ‘Shared Decision Making vanuit zorgethisch perspectief’ (SDM from a care ethical perspective). Lecture for Patient Advisory Board of Radboud UMC. Nijmegen, September.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2017). ‘Institutional space for multi-perspective decision-making: what are the challenges?’ Paper presentation at International EACME conference. Barcelona, Spain, September.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2017). ‘Could Tronto’s Caring Democracy lead the way in The Netherlands?’ Plenary panel session with Joan C. Tronto, Carmen Domínguez-Alcon, Donna Baines, Luz Arango, Orly Benjamin and Hee Kang Kim at the Global Carework Summit, University of Massachusetts, Lowell (MA) USA,  June.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2017). ‘Zorg: doe-het-zelf of gedeelde smart?’ (Care ethics: do it yourself or shared sorrow?) Key note address for annual congress of Relief, association of Christian care institutions. Doorn, March.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2016). ‘What kind of institutions do we need for care-ethical case deliberation? Plans for an international research project’. Paper presentation at EACME conference. Leuven Belgium, September.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. & I. Vels, K. Honsbeek, S. Rodenburg, L. klein Tank & M. Tops (2016). ‘Leren door samen te doen: een praktijkervaring met zorgethische reflectie’. Presentation at NEON Congress (Netwerk Ethiek Ondersteuners Nederland; Network of Ethics Moderators Netherlands), Amersfoort, June.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2016). Affective coexistence. Pity as a connection between emotion and ethical knowledge. Plenary lecture at the Workshop Cura ed emozioni/Care and Emotions, Department of Political and Social Science, University of Firenze, Italy, May.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2015). Care as an unpredictable practice: “What if…?” Response to key note by Prof. dr. Helen Kohlen at the UHS Graduate School Conference “Who is rendered responsible?”, Utrecht, The Netherlands, November.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2015). Is self-sacrifice in care always wrong? A care-ethical reappraisal of a care-ethical taboo. Paper presentation at ICE International Ethics in Care Conference, Surrey, UK, July.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2015). What do we do with the partner and the family? A care-ethical view on shared decision making. Paper presentation at ICE International Ethics in Care Conference, Surrey, UK, July.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2015). Charitable Care. Key note address at the Conference on Charitable Care. Dongen, June.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2015). Wederkerigheid en zelfopoffering in de zorgrelatie (Reciprocity and self-sacrifice in the care relation). Lecture in Masterclass Care Ethics of the Protestant Theological University and Reliëf. Amsterdam, March.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2014). Philosophical and theological sources for a care-ethical reappraisal of sacrifice and self-sacrifice. Presentation and lecture on research project ‘Sacrifice’ at Conference of Dutch Religious Meeting on Religious Heritage. ‘s-Hertogenbosch, November.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2014). Wat moeten we met naasten en familie? (What about the loved ones and the family?) Workshop at the Prudentia Conference. Veldhoven, June.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2014). The role of meaning, sense and spirituality in a care-ethical view of self-sacrifice. Presentation and lecture at research network meeting Care and Contested Coherence (CCC). Utrecht, April.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2014). The use of literature in care-ethical research. Paper presentation at research network meeting Care and Contested Coherence (CCC). Utrecht, April.
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  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2014). Menslievende zorg. (Professional Loving Care). Lecture in Masterclass Care Ethics of the Protestant Theological University and Reliëf. Groningen, February.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2013). Terug naar de essentie. Een ethiek van de zorg (Back to the essence. An ethics of care). Lecture at Symposium ‘To do justice’, Berne. Heeswijk, September.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2013). Terug naar de essentie. Een ethiek van de zorg (Back to the essence. An ethics of care). Lecture for volunteers in hospice care Drenthe. Ruinen, November.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2012). Sacrifice. A care-ethical reappraisal of sacrifice and self-sacrifice as essential to care. Poster presentation and chair of group discussions at the Ethics of Care Conference of the European Network of Care Ethicists, Utrecht. (
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2012). De spanning tussen fragiliteit en autonomie als menselijke conditie (The tension between fragility and autonomy as human condition). Key note address at symposium ‘Zorgen om de zorg: sterke armen en legen handen?’ (Care for caring: strong arms and empty hands?) Hospitals Sittard & Heerlen. Sittard, November.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2011). Zelfopoffering en het broze subject (Self-sacrifice and the fragile subject). Paper presentation before the Academic Dutch-Flemish Ricoeur Study Group. Leiden University, February.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2008). Thuis zorgen voor stervenden. (Home care for the dying.) Key note address for annual symposium of the Association of Voluntary Palliative and Terminal Home Care. Kampen, September.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2008). Self-sacrifice and self-description in care relations. Paper presentation at Sacrifice, 17th European Conference of the European Society of Philosophy of Religion (ESPR). Oslo, August.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2007). Ruimte om te sterven? Key note address at the symposium ‘Dood-gewoon?’ of Hospice Gouda. Gouda, March.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2007). Zingeving in de mantelzorg (Spirituality in informal care). Key note address at the symposium ‘De onverslijtbare mantel’ (‘The imperishable cloak’) of the Amsterdam Protestant Diacony. Amsterdam, March.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2007). Ethiek om te doen! (Ethics: you can do it!) Key note address on symposium of Cello, organization for care for people with mental impairments. Rosmalen, January.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2006). Identiteit en traditie (Identity and tradition). Key note address on symposium ‘Identiteitsgebonden zorg’ (Identity-rooted care) of nursing home LuciVer. Wijchen, May.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2006). Presentation and chairing of two mornings, including two plenary key note lectures on nursing in a nursing home for religious sisters, dedicated to ethical and spiritual reflection for residents, personnel and board members, Voorschoten, March.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2004). ‘Supermarkt of samen-leven? Over zorg als product of zorg als relatie.’ (‘Supermarket or community? On care as a product or care as a relation’) Key note address on symposium: “Verzakelijking van de zorg: een vloek of een zegen?” (‘Reification of care or care as a relation’) for a lustrum of a home for people with intellectual disabilities, location De Sterre, Foundation Tragel, Clinge, October.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2003). Ethiek op de agenda: Minder hard, meer hart. (Ethics on the agenda: less hard, more heart.) Key not address at the Ethics symposium Elkerliek Ziekenhuis. Helmond, November.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2002). ‘De waarden van de zorg, is dat mijn zorg?’ (‘The values of care, is that my concern?’) Key note address at the conference ‘Waarde-georiënteerde zorg’ (‘Value oriented care’) of an institution for care for people with intellectual disabilities, ’s Heeren Loo, Amersfoort, May.
  • Van Nistelrooij, I. (2001): key note lecture (in French) on the theme of the international conference  “Uiteenspattende instellingen – uiteenspattend pastoraat?” (“Institutions éclatées – Pastorale éclatée”), organized by for the Francophone union of spiritual counselors in the care for people with an intellectual disability (Colloque Eucuménique de Pastorale Specialisée). I was invited to focus upon what a care ethical view on care could offer for the ongoing deinstitutionalization and socialization of this care. A thorough preparation was enabled by studying and subsequent discussing key documentation with the organizers. Zenderen, March.

TV appearance

  • 3 December 2012 in “Schepper & Co” (NCRV, national television) on the Electronic Patient File (EPD)

Online video

Brief video in which I describe my residency at Brocher Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland (April 2022).