Caring responsibility: a phenomenological view

Click here to read the article that I recently co-authored with colleague Merel Visse on responsibility in care. We believe that care ethics offers various important critical views on caring responsibility that mutually complement each other. However, by drawing upon the phenomenology of Jean-Luc Marion we believe these views can still be complemented by looking more at the passive, fragile, decentring aspect of responsibility. If we take it more literally, as being a response, it comes second to something else, to something that has preceded it and to which it responds. Responsibility might be less a one-person-task, a personal assignment, an individual burden, if we look at it this way.

Phenomenology of Life

Today I started studying the work of Michel Henry (1922-2002), French phenomenologist of life (‘phénoménologie de la vie’). Together with colleague Merel Visse I aim to elaborate the ‘body of knowledge’ of care ethics by studying the works of phenomenologists. After our recent study of responsibility in care ethics and the work of Jean-Luc Marion, we now explore what Henry’s focus upon ‘pathos’ could mean for care ethics.