Summary of qualifications of Inge van Nistelrooij (1967)

  • A longstanding expert in the field of care ethics, launched by her awarded MA-thesis on the ethics of care in 1995.
  • Strong focus on theories of the self, educated by the disciplines of theology, philosophy (phenomenology, hermeneutics, ethics), political theory, feminist theory, care ethics and the Dialogical Self Theory (DST).
  • An inspiring lecturer, trainer, advisor, writer and publicist.
  • Academic interests: the fruitful dialectic between theory & qualitative empirical research.
  • Research interests: relational, narrative and dialogical theories of the self, rooted in care ethics, phenomenology, maternal theory & birth narratives & birth practices, and institutional practices of ethical reflection that include patients & family, nonverbal inquiry, and learning communities.
  • Demonstrated experience in academic publishing, editing and acquisition of research funds.
  • Ability to perform well in complex analyses, multidisciplinary research groups, and under time pressure.

Personal Information

LinkedIn: nl.linkedin.com/in/ingevannistelrooy

Professional website: http://www.ingevannistelrooij.com

Professional Experience

Sept. 2020 – present: Professor by special appointment of Dialogical Self Theory (DST), Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands, established by the Foundation of the International Society for Dialogical Science (0,2 fte)

  • Contributing to teaching and research at the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies in the field of philosophical hermeneutics and anthropology;
  • Supervision of doctoral candidates;
  • Contributing to the biannual international conferences of the Foundation of the International Society for Dialogical Science.

Dec. 2013 – present: Associate Professor of Care Ethics, University of Humanistic Studies Utrecht, the Netherlands. (0,8 fte)

  • Coordinator (together with colleague Merel Visse) of the Care-Ethical Research Consortium (CERC), an international network initialized by prof. dr. Joan Tronto and prof. dr. Carlo Leget. Click here for more information on CERC.
  • Cofounder and chair of the research network Concerning Maternity, that promotes academic research into the ethical and existential questions during (or previous to) pregnancy, child birth and childcare. For this, the network organizes symposia and meets regularly.
  • Teaching (Pre)master courses at the Master Care Ethics and Policy. Courses: Research Seminar (Premaster), Introduction Care Ethics (Master), Ethical Competencies in Care and Welfare Institutions (Master), Care Ethical Analyzing (Master). Teaching and chairing Graduate School sessions of the Care Ethics Research Network.
  • Supervising Premaster and Master theses and PhD trajectories in the field of care ethics and maternity (care).
  • Researching and publishing in peer-reviewed academic journals (see publications).
  • Editor of the Ethics of Care Book Series, Peeters Publishers, Leuven (2020-present).
  • Guest lecturer at Drew University, NJ, USA, for the Medical Humanities program in the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, with M. Visse PhD (2020-present).
  • Visiting professor at the Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule (PTHV), Vallendar, Germany, with prof dr Helen Kohlen (2016-present).
  • Senior lecturer in the post-doctoral program ‘Ethics in the Health Care Sector’, Nijmegen: Radboud Academic Medical Center (2015-present).
  • Member of the ethics committee of the Dutch Union of Nurses (V&VN) (2015-present).
  • Member of the expert group that advises on research into ‘cross domain’ care, i.e. three pilots in Dutch elderly care that provide care that transcends the distinct traditional care systems of informal, home, and institutionalized care. The research is carried out by research bureau Significant. The expert group consists of researchers and advisors from the Ministry of VWS (Health care, Public Health & Sports), RIVM, Tilburg University, and University of Humanistic Studies (IvN) (2018-2021).
  • Daily management of research project into the experiences of young people with Mild Intellectual Disabilities (MID) who live in ordinary neighborhoods. Collaboration between municipality of Loon op Zand, Prisma (care organization for people with intellectual disabilities) and University of Humanistic Studies. Main author of final report. Project supervisor: Merel Visse PhD. (2017).
  • Editor in chief of the English website on care ethics: care-ethics.org and the Dutch website on care ethics: zorgethiek.nu (2015-2019).
  • Co-operating with colleagues in writing and submission processes for grant proposals.
  • Supervising and direct colleagues: prof. dr. Carlo Leget (chair), dr. Merel Visse, dr. Alistair Niemeijer, dr. Els van Wijngaarden, dr. Vivianne Baur, dr. Pieter Dronkers, prof. dr. Laurens ten Kate, Marieke Potma MA, Marc Haufe MA, Rodante van der Waal ReMA, dr. Gustaaf Bos, Eva van Reenen MA, prof. dr. Joke van Saane (rector of university).

Sept 2008 – Aug 2013: PhD Student (external), KNR (National Secretariat of the Dutch Religious Institutes) in cooperation with the chair Ethics of Care and Policy, Tilburg University / University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht
Supervised by prof. dr. F.J.H. Vosman.

  • Performing a multidisciplinary conceptual study into ‘self-sacrifice’ by the caregiver, drawing from literature, ethics of care, phenomenology, political theory, theology. Result: Inge van Nistelrooij, Sacrifice. A care-ethical reappraisal of sacrifice and self-sacrifice, Leuven: Peeters, 2015 (Ethics of Care-series, Vol. 4) and other publications (see publications).
  • Member and frequent moderator of the research group ‘Care and contested coherence’.
  • Co-moderator of the group of junior researchers in three weekly educational and co-learning gatherings.
  • Member of the editorial board of the websites zorgethiek.nu / www.ethicsofcare.org
  • Member of the intra-academic research group in interdisciplinary and Interreligious field on ‘The New Fascination of Sacrifice. An Interdisciplinary and Interreligious Research Project’, resulting in a publication (see publication list).

Jan 2003 – Sept 2008: Staff member at Reliëf, Christian association of care institutions, Utrecht

  • Professional teacher, trainer, and advisor in (medical and care) ethics, ethics policy, moral deliberation, institutional identity, mostly in ‘in company’ training or advisory settings.
  • Teaching and coaching of multidisciplinary ethics committees and teams in hospitals, palliative care, elderly care, care for intellectually disabled persons, GP’s.
  • Publishing of articles and books on the ethics of care for care professionals (mainly non-academic).

Aug 2000 – Dec 2002 Staff member KNR, Conference of Dutch Religious Orders and Congregations, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

  • Studying spiritual traditions for presentations in gatherings.
  • Supervising study groups of (female) religious, resulting in activities such as: a website on the balance between contemplation and action, publication of a booklet on new religious movements, conferences on religious community life and the spiritual heritage in the societal fields of education, care and welfare who published booklets and a (Dutch) website on action and contemplation.

Aug 1995 – Aug 2000 Staff member SRKK, Secretariat of the Roman-Catholic Bishop’s Conference

  • Secretary of two advisory committees; as such preparing and elaborating policy advice on societal questions such as poverty, peace, social justice, environmental issues, multicultural integration, the socio-political position of women and the debate on women and ministry; maintaining and extending the Catholic and ecumenical network.

Grant acquisition

  • Residency at the Brocher Foundation, Geneva Switzerland (1 month, April 2022), together with Veronica Mitchell PhD, Cape Town University, South-Africa.
  • Fellowship granted by the Catherina Halkes Trust (€ 4.500,-) for preparation of research grant on ‘Maternity’.
  • ZonMW-grant (€ 130.000,-) voor CARE-study: Controversies surrounding Autonomy and Responsibility: a care-Ethical study into the mother-midwife relation; a study into ‘Respectful Ma­ternity Care’ (Project number 854011008).
  • University of Humanistic Studies starting grant (€ 5.000,-) for interdisciplinary research project ‘Concerning Maternity’ together with Joanna Wojtkowiak PhD. Collaborative project between Chair Humanistic Spiritual Counselor and Chair Care Ethics, restulted in 3 international conferences ‘Concerning Maternity’, Part I, II, and III, with (inter)national speakers prof dr Susan Crowther, prof dr Christina Schues, prof dr Mavis Kirkham, prof dr Stella Villarmea, dr Jonna Bornemark, Baharez Goodarzi PhD, prof dr Lisa Baraitser, Rodante van der Waal ReMA, Joanna Wojtkowiak PhD and Inge van Nistelrooij PhD. Result is the establishment of international research network ‘Concerning Maternity’.
  • Research grant from various funds for PhD Study (€ 287.000,-)


2019: Post-academic ‘Hermeneutic Phenomenology Methodology Course’, University of Central Lancashire, Preston (UK)

2014: Academic teaching diploma (BKO), qualification to teach Master and Graduate students

2008-2013: PhD study at Tilburg University / University of Humanistic Studies Utrecht, group Ethics of Care and Policy (see below, professional experience)

2009: Course ‘Academic Writing in English’ (Tilburg University)

1986-1995: Theology Doctorate (cum laude) at Tilburg Theological Faculty, specialization in Moral Theology. Thesis on Care Ethics from a philosophical and theological perspective, awarded with the Tilburg University Thesis Award and published as a book (see publication list)

1992-1993: Post graduate teaching diploma, qualification to teach theology / religion to senior secondary pupils and high school students

1980-1986: Atheneum A at Mgr. Zwijsen College (Veghel)